A bathroom is a room in your home that you use for cleansing and grooming. When it comes to the design of this room, there are many accessories that can be installed in it. One of them is a faucet. It is basically a tap that is installed behind the sink in your bathroom. This faucet has a long handle that you turn to control water flow. It has three main parts, including the base, spout and handle. You can buy this product in any hardware store. It is also known as a “tap” or “water outlet.” This article explains the details of a bathroom faucet and which one should be purchased.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Bathroom Faucet

1. Mounting Options

There are two main styles of bathroom faucet bases; wall mounted and center set. Wall-mounted faucets are mounted on the wall in the bathroom, while center set faucets are attached to a countertop. It is important to decide which style of faucet fits your bathroom. For a small-sized washroom, a wall-mounted faucet would be a better option. However, if you have a large bathroom, getting a center set faucet would be the best since it has a wide sink.

2. Price

Bathroom faucets generally have an average price range of $100 to $500. If you want to buy one that is more expensive than $500, it is best to do some research on the Internet. You can also visit local hardware stores for a wider variety of choices and save money if you choose to buy online.

3. Material And Finishes

As for the finishes of bathroom faucets, there are multiple options which include: chrome, gold, brass and nickel. The colors are good to use for small bathroom spaces. Also, they can make your washroom attractive. Chrome is usually an inexpensive material that is used for faucet manufacturing. However, this material requires more maintenance compared to others. 

4. Water Pressure And Spout Size 

The water pressure of a faucet is measured in GPM, which stands for gallons per minute. When you have low water pressure, in the range of 1.7 to 2.2 GPM, it may be difficult to turn on the water flow with your hand or feet. You can choose a faucet with a larger spout to have better control over its flow. For this reason, look for a faucet that can produce 5 to 6 GPM on average.

5. Water Temperature Control 

To control the temperature of the water, you can either purchase a water-temperature controlled faucet or install an in-line thermal device. Most bathroom faucets are water pressure controlled. The most popular way of regulating the temperature of the water is through a temperature-sensing thermostat. Some faucets also come with touchless controls that work as remote control. 

6. Handle Option 

You can get a faucet with a long handle for sinks or showers. A handle that is longer than usual gives more control over the water flow of the faucet. Unfortunately, this also increases the overall weight of your bathroom. 

8. Durability 

When purchasing a faucet for your bathroom, you should make sure that it is durable. The most common way of determining faucet durability is to look for standards that the American National Standards Institute has approved. The test standards that ANSI has approved include the American National Standard for Hot and Cold Water Systems, ANSI Z21.1; the American National Standard for Drinking Water Systems, ANSI Z43.1; and the American National Standard for Potable Water Supply Structures, ANSI Z137.1.

9. Installation 

It is best to purchase a faucet that has a simple and easy installation process. A simple installation process entails using a faucet with a streamlined spout that screws directly into the sink. If you want a more difficult installation, make sure that the faucet has a mounting ring with pre-drilled holes. The mounting ring also comes with multiple rubber washers that protect the handles from scratching.

10. Warranty 

Most faucets carry a warranty of up to a year. However, for longer periods, you can consider buying extended warranties. You can also look for faucets made by renowned brands that render an increased level of quality assurance. Consider whether the faucet has its own independent manufacturer certification from ASTM International or American National Standards Institute.

Top Brands for Bathroom Faucets

1. Delta
2. Moen
3. American Standard
4. Hansgrohe
5. KWC
6. Kohler
7. Pfister
8. Trinsic 
9. Danze
10. Black and Decker

Types of Bathroom Faucets

1. Traditional Faucets

These faucets have a long handle. You can turn it on and off with your hand or feet. The two most common types are lever faucets and rotary valves. Lever faucets usually have a single handle, and they also have control knobs that can be adjusted with your fingers. Rotary valves are more common than other types of faucets. There is a spout at the bottom of the faucet with a hole in it. You can adjust this hole to control the water flow from its spout.

2. Single Handle Faucets

These faucets do not have a separate lever that you can use to turn on the water flow. Instead, they use a button that is placed on the spout for this purpose. Single-handle faucets are usually mounted on walls. 

3. Lavatory Faucets

These are designed for washing hands in the washroom. They usually have a single handle or a tap with only one spout. Lavatory faucets do not have any handles on their spouts to adjust the water pressure or temperature settings. 

4. Wall-mounted Faucets

These faucets are mounted on walls. The water comes directly from the spout from the faucet. This type of faucet is mainly used for washrooms. It is also efficient in saving space.

5. Center Mounted Faucets

Center-mounted faucets hold the spout in such a way that you can adjust it easily. It also has a handle that rotates and shuts off the water flow. This type of faucet can be used in the kitchen and washrooms. You can find center-mounted faucets with a single sink or with double sinks. 

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A bathroom faucet is one of the major accessories in the washroom. It creates a clean and hygienic environment for your family members, especially children. When purchasing this product, you should be wise and consider the above-mentioned facts. Bathroom fittings are available in various designs and finishes, which enable you to select a product that suits your needs best.