Faucets are part of the faucet and sink installation process. They are adjusted to turn on or off the water flow in a fixture, usually found in homes and businesses. This type of fixture is typically divided into two main types: bathroom sink faucets and exterior faucets. Bathroom sink faucets are small fixtures that can be easily mounted on the wall above or below your bathtub. Bathroom sinks and faucets come in various shapes and sizes. Some, like the single-hole (most common) style, come with a spout and no handle; others have a handle as well as an arc of clearance space at the top. Learn all about different types of faucets.

Different Types of Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom Faucets are designed to provide the necessary flow of hot and cold water for washing, bathing, or other personal needs. Bathroom sink faucets are designed to be similar in shape and type to bathroom faucets that are installed in many washrooms – but there are differences. The most common bathroom faucet is tub-mounted.

Bathroom sink faucets vary in design depending on the particular need of the user. A few of the most frequently seen bathroom sink faucet types include:

Other types of bathroom sink faucets include the bathtub with seat, which is similar to the bathtub option above. It’s not designed for use without a seat, however. Another type of faucet is the trough style. Toilet-to-shower device faucets are used exclusively in bathrooms under sinks, usually with urinals or bidets. These toilets will typically have a water pressure valve that is activated when someone uses them.

Painting Bathroom Faucets

If you want to change the color of your bathroom, painting the faucet should be one of your first considerations. You can paint your bathroom to give it a new look or even use it for faucet restoration. Making this kind of change will take you less than an afternoon and will cost about $20 in supplies.

The three parts that make up a faucet are the spray nozzle, the spout and the handles. If you want to paint it, there are several steps involved:

The Best Kind of Bathroom Faucets

The old saying that you get what you pay for is true when it comes to faucets. Not all are created alike. If you are looking for the best bathroom faucets, particularly if you are looking to buy online, there are several things to look for.

If you are buying a faucet for your bathroom sink, look for one made of solid brass. Not only is this the best option, it’s the most durable option as well. Choose a faucet with an ergonomic design that offers larger handles that are easy to operate. Some models have spring-loaded valves that make it easy to control water pressure and temperature with just a touch of your hand or fingers. Look for one that offers several spray patterns because this will give you greater control over the water flow in any situation where you might have guests in the bathroom with you. Many models also offer accessories so you can change up the colors of these parts to match your décor if need be.


Before a homeowner goes out to buy a bathroom sink faucet, it is important that they understand the different types of faucets available on the market. They should also know what size and style will be suitable for their bathroom sink. Since there are many options to choose from, it is important to do some research before buying. After all, this is a fixture you use on a daily basis. In fact, this piece of hardware makes up the focal point of your bathroom space.